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Memphis 2012/2013 season preview

During preseason i will post preview of teams that i think will be worth folloving next season.

In the last year before joining the Big East this Tigers team is hands down the best of Conference USA, and with recent committements from two top 100 players and other top 100 recruits  in the Memphis area again unsigned, Josh Pastner’s team will be a contender after the switch.

This year Memphis has at least 10 players can be part of the rotation, then Pastner can keep up the pace without losing too much in effectiveness.


For the success of this team there is nobody more fundamental than Tariq Black (6’9″,262). His frontcourts teammates are good role player (Hall and Simpson) or unproven players like Shaq Goodwin (6’9 “, 264), an excellent athlete who obviously has no the experience required to dominate in the paint during conference play. Shaq Is not a good fit to play next to Black, having the two a similar game, and consequently will have a few minutes, especially if Black prove to be improved in handling of fouls during the match. Black has no other real flag in his game,has already the body of a pro and never tries to do things that are not in his technical knowledge. His goal should be to get to thirty minutes per game while keeping the excellent production that had  in little more than half the game last season.  Hard nosed players like Black may affect for the better in the attitude  a team full of talent but a little immature in other key elements such as Jackson (6’1 “, 171) and Geron Johnson (6’3″, 197).


I know that Adonis Thomas (6’7”,252) is touted as NBA player in the making, he has all the skills as well as the physical necessary to becoming one, but so far on the basketball court he has not yet proven to consistently produce high-level basketball.What I meant to say is that if Thomas is able to have averages appropriate to his status as a star, then Memphis will be a difficult client for all even at national level.


This team potentially has everything you need to play the system of Pastner … Jackson played great games last postseason, however, carries some doubts about his maturity, as well as Geron Johnson. Maybe lacks a bit of experience compared to other major teams, the outside shot could be better, but if they are able to build a good defense and  all (or almost) turns to the right, the sky is the limit for this group.


Geron Johnson is ready to contribute from day one as a combo guard that prefer more scoring than passing,with loads of confidence and loads of past attitude problems that i wish he could solve. Goodwin and Damian Wilson (6’6″,180) are top flight athletes that could blossom before the end of this season, but most likely next year,since they are best suited for the type of system that uses coach Pastner.

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