NBA preview:Marco Belinelli, Andrea Bargnani and Danilo Gallinari, the Italians hopes.

Beli Says Hello

This NBA season is especially crucial for Marco Belinelli, now the less known of the three. In his new team Marco can definitely explode thanks to its great work ethic, the best skills possible to impress  the current head coach of the Bulls, Thibodeau. Shooting guard Rip Hamilton is the only one  ahead of him in the depth chart, and now  is in the final stages of a wonderful career. In addition, the ‘former Detroit in recent seasons has been struggling to stay away from injuries, another reason to look confidently to a good playing time … Even from the days in  Fortitudo Bologna with Jasmin Repesa, Belinelli has always been a good defender , able to guard each type of wings player at European level. With the Bulls Belinelli has the opportunity to show his significant  defensive progress, already registered in the last season with the Hornets, in a system that in recent years has produced the best results of the entire league. In connection with the return of Derrick Rose for Marco the job will be much easier, with the phenomenal former MVP able to drive and dish against every  defense. Although on offense so far Belinelli has disappointed if compared to the high expectations that  himself has created with great seasons in Bologna, in an ordered system such as the Bulls he can carve out its place. In fact it is the substitute of the defensive specialist, Ronnie Brewer, and the offensive, Kyle Korver. Marco is well placed to emerge, congratulations to his agent or to whom the team chose, perfect to enhance his skills

The magician Andrea Bargnani instead hopes to play a season without physical problems, maybe repeating the great start of last season, when he was a legit option for the All Star Game. The Raptors start with ambitions of postseason after adding Kyle Lowry as the lead guard, Anthony Fields and Terrence Ross as wings and Jonas Valanciunas in the frontcourt. The Lithuanian, once adapted  to the new fast-paced NBA season, can be a great fit next to  Andrea. Infact Valanciunas is a old school center that play mainly in the paint, while Bargnani is the classic power forward with a terrific stroke. In this new version, the Raptors have a lot of players suited to the ideas of coach Casey, starting point guard Lowry is ideal for defensive attitude, as all the new ones are good athletes who slam on both sides of the ball. The East this year seems much more balanced and the last playoff places will be decided in the very last games, Casey will be good to keep up the focus for his  team in a season where a victory more or less could be the difference between a failure and a positive season?
Bargnani will be expected to be about 20 on average, and he will not have to force many shots with an improved roster, so his percentage is expected to rise.

Andrea Bargnani shoots

Andrea Bargnani shoots (Photo credit: fi_chince)

Danilo Gallinari, between the three Italians, is the one with the strongest team, the only one who can aspire to something more than the first round of the playoffs (unless Derrick Rose does not force the return, which is very unlikely). In the Nuggets, who have renewed with play Tyson Lawson for 48 million in four years, Gallo is one of the most important players, given his ability to play both forward roles. Having the longest team of the entire NBA, it is easy to predict that coach Karl will raise even more the pace to wear down opponents. For the Gallo the most important thing is to  find his old form on the outside shot, strangely worse just as  he improved efficiency in penetration. With Andre Igoudala aboard the Nuggets certainly will improve the defense, as the former Sixers  one of the best, if not the best defender in the NBA , helped by scary physicality and athleticism . Danilo must take hit especially against stronger forwards, then  on the other side of the field he has a variety of offensive solutions that can adapt to and punish  any type of opponent. Denver is rarely discussed as a candidate for the title, but with the purchase of Igoudala the Nuggets took a further leap in quality. If we Danilo finds its old stroke …. a trip to the NBA final to guard Lebron James is far from unlikely for him.

Knicks in Milan

(Photo credit: Isa Dim)


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