NBA Preview : Atlanta Hawks (most underrated NBA team)

Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks

In a  Eastern conference reinforced by the offseason there is a team that is historically not considered, even more so after the trade in which he traded an All star in exchange of expiring contracts and some decent role player. Of course we talk about the Atlanta Hawks, who at the beginning of summer have signed GM Danny Ferry, with a six-year contract, giving him carte blanche to rebuild the team, always in the playoffs but never able to overcome the second round in recent years. Ferry wasted no time, swapping two senators of the group as Joe Johnson (and his 121 million contract) and Marvin Williams. The intent of the owners was mainly to get rid of the wages of the players in question, in view of the next summer will see the Hawks very active thanks to the space freed by the two trade. Still there is a great season to play, and coach Drew is in your hands with an intriguing group with defined hierarchies and motivation high, especially in players  in contract year (Devin Harris, Jeff Teague and Josh Smith the best of the bunch). Since it is quite clear that the preseason roster of Atlanta is tailor-made to play at extreme pace, I wonder if Ferry is doing a thought about Mike D’Antoni …. Harris and Teague, both fast, play together dividing the tasks in the control room, the guard DeShawn Stevenson is the defensive specialist, while acting in the frontcourt, the two leaders, Josh Smith and Al Horford. From the bench out three great shooters like Kyle Korver , the rookie from Vanderbilt John Jenkins and Anthony Morrow, people who can turn any game lighting up the shot. Louis Williams, taken by the Sixers, is also a great scorer, specializing in the long -two more than outside the arc, where it is still effective. All this fire power will benefit from the spaces produced by the doubling of “Smoove”  and Horforf,that, moreover, are two excellent passers. Smith in particular is called one of the best assist-man once just doubled by the defense. All the ingredients for a major attack there are and seem to mix perfectly, the only unknown are frontcourt back up, Ivan Johnson and Zaza Pachulia. The Georgian fight  to rebound, while Johnson is an unknown quantity at a high level. The defense is still good, given the presence of Smith and Stevenson as specialists and with the strength of  Horford and Pachulia. Not to mention that high-tempo Harris and Teague will hunt balls, knowing that behind there are great shotblockers ready to help. If selfishness due to contractual reasons do not take over, in what was supposed to be a season of transition, the Hawks may be the revelation team of the year.



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2 responses to “NBA Preview : Atlanta Hawks (most underrated NBA team)

  1. Great post ! I totally agree with the points indicated. After the trades mentioned above, Atlanta will have such a clear cap space that they could offer at least 2 max contracts during 2013 FA season. They could bring CP3, James Harden, even DH12 could be targeted, if underachieves this season. Who knows! Hawks might fly definitelly high this time

    • I’m very high on Smith and Horford in a fast paced system…..time will tell…Also Vecsey of the N.Y. post was intrigued from this post…if you take the same roster in, just to say, Dallas,you don’t have the same perception … thanks for your comment.

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