NBA 2013 mock draft (8-14)

8-Patric Young (6’9″,222) Florida.

This junior has all the physical tools that you can ask for; size, length, leaping ability, strength and quickness. This year he should have more shots, it’s up to him dominate near the cup. Had to improve also his rebounding average.

9-LeBryan Nash (6’7″,220) Oklahoma State.

Has already draw comparisons with Artest, possessing a ready NBA body and athleticism. This year he will have better teammates, so he should put his various gifts to good use, instead of firing long two as last season. Tremendous upside,  Nash will be able to exploit it?

10-Isaiah Austin (7’1″,201) Baylor.

Pencil-thin but really skilled for a seven footer. Need serious gym work to play in any NBA frontcourt,but is intriguing thanks to his scoring prowess coupled with a good handle and surprising quickness.  Is still a prospect which must become player and i don’t know if Drew is the right coach(not a good recent record….Who?P.J.?…)

11-Alex Poythress (6’8″,213) Kentucky.

Excellent physical tools coupled with a good work ethic and Coach Calipari…..Next Terrance Jones?Maybe next MKG?  somewhere in between is probably the right answer. I expect him to be the best of the bunch at Kentucky….perfect fit for Dribble-drive offense.

12-Gorgui Dieng (6’10”,245) Louisville.

Best defender between frontcourt players in NCAA, really bulked up during last season….if he show some offense next March, where Louisville will go at least in the second week, Dieng could crack the top ten in this weak draft.

13-C.J. Leslie (6’9″,211) North Carolina State.

Gottfried has helped this physical specimen to explode last season after a disastrous freshman year….Combo forward type without Odomesque skills,but a raw beast with power and athleticism at elite NBA level. Polarizing prospect but sky high ceiling.

14-Dario Saric (6’11”,223) Athletic Bilbao.

Another combo forward, the exact opposite of Leslie….average physical tools but high basketball skills; a baby winner,take pride in rebounding and moving the ball…18 years….not typo,18 years and veteran’s game…maybe best sui


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